Christmas Cowrie Shell Give Away
December 4, 2023

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I give away a small bag of seashells and other beach treasures with all my online orders. These treasures I have picked myself (sometimes with small helpers) on beaches around Orkney.

Between now and Christmas I am with each little bag of shells in with my online orders, giving away a very special shell. Each little bag will get a Cowrie Shell or Groatie Buckie as we call them in Orkney.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there… In one of these bags there is a special Cowrie shell with a small heart on it.

Should you find this special shell contact me to tell me what colour the heart is and send me a picture of it..

The lucky winner gets a pair of recycled pebble earrings.

This will all be done at random and the winner will be announced after Christmas.

Good luck with the Shell Hunting!

Marion x

December 4, 2023

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